Friday, May 05, 2006

I am Ready

HI all,
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ready!!!!!!, Baggages Packed and ready to leave for this summer Tour of Thailand and Japan. Thailand is the place I know very well due to my earlier trip of 9 Days and Now JAPAN. For the first time in my life I am going to see for my myself How 'The Land of Rising Sun' looks like. I am in no way exited about staying in Tokyo, 'The Costliest City' in the world. Who will like a Hotel Stay that costs 18,000/- YEN per day? That is roughly Rs.7,100/- man.
I am looking forward to spending a few days with our contacts in north central rural Japan visiting the world famous Hot Springs at Aizu-Wakamatsu.
From Tokyo we will be going to Mt. FUJI and The Disney World, Japan.
To TOP it all it is the escape from this scorching summer heat of Chennai to a cooler, pleasant Japan.
As for the food, I think I can manage with Bread & Butter, and Fresh Juice.
I would like to write daily about my experiences, but I do not know whether I would get to access the net everywhere I go.
So until then............ Seeya

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Sriram Ganesan said...

Thanx vidhya on the updates. good to know that u ppl r fine. with regards to the hotel i was warning ramani too and mani on that. my suggestion was to book a room on the good old ambassodor so that every thing is very near from there.

but it is going to be only 3 days there. hope atleast the shinagawa prince is better.

got a mail for MSSu which is reproduced below:

Dear Mr.Sudhakaran

Yesterday, I met with Mr.Hyodo.
According to him, he arranged Mt.Fuji tour for you on 19.May. The tour start in the morning time, and back to Shinagawa station around 19:30.
So after you come back from tour, please go back to your room of
Shinagawa Prince Hotel. I will go to the hotel around 20:00PM.

For your information, my phone no. is 080-6560-2558.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards.

Takagi / Kintetsu World Express Japan

hope u read this post b4 u leave for japan.