Friday, May 12, 2006

Hi all,
I am writing this from Bangkok, Siam Centre, Black Canyon Cafe. Its good that this place has internet too.
I boarded the flight from Chennai on 10th night(11th early morning) for Bangkok. Th flight took off 30 mins late and we were very tired and slept off very well as soon as we boarded the flight. Had a late second dinner in the flight. Landed 1 hour late in BKK. As we had to get the visa on arrival, we joined the Q which was over flowing with 2 flight loads of ppl from India, chennai and mumbai. It took 2 hours to clear off the visa. We are staying in Ratchada City Hotel here. Very Very ordinary Hotel. I had warned sudhakar about this. Morning We went to the nearby Ratchada plaza. returned to room and slept. Sudhakar went to see a factory near Pattaya. Myself and kutti were up by 6Pm. waited for them to comeback. Oh!! I forgot. With us Raj Narayan, Venkataramani and Sharad Tibrewala stays in the same hotel. Raj missed his cell phone in the aircraft itself and could not find it.
11th night after hearing the news of TN election, went to Sukhmuvit area, had strawberry Fanta in 7/11. After that went to Bukhara's to have our Dinner and returned home.
Today 12th Sudhakar went to the fair. So myself and kutti came to TESCO LOTUS store nearby. Purchased 3 in 1 coffee, ovaltine, socks for kutti and in the IT mall got me a MP4 1GB. Went back to the Hotel, placed everything in the room and came to this SIAM area forlook around and some shopping. Juct now finished Ice Cream in Swensen's and Relaxing as it is raining outside now. Thinking of going to MBK Mall.
Will seeya tomorrow.

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Sriram Ganesan said...

Thanx vidhya on the updates. good to know that u ppl r fine. with regards to the hotel i was warning ramani too and mani on that. my suggestion was to book a room on the good old ambassodor so that every thing is very near from there.

but it is going to be only 3 days there. hope atleast the shinagawa prince is better.

got a mail for MSSu which is reproduced below:

Dear Mr.Sudhakaran

Yesterday, I met with Mr.Hyodo.
According to him, he arranged Mt.Fuji tour for you on 19.May. The tour start in the morning time, and back to Shinagawa station around 19:30.
So after you come back from tour, please go back to your room of
Shinagawa Prince Hotel. I will go to the hotel around 20:00PM.

For your information, my phone no. is 080-6560-2558.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards.

Takagi / Kintetsu World Express Japan

hope u read this post b4 u leave for japan.