Monday, May 15, 2006

From Tajima, Shoei khojo

Hi all,

I am in Tajima today. After writing to you from Bangkok on 12th, I went back to the Hotel only around 8.30PM after some very good window shopping in MBK Mall in SIAM and some real shopping in Carrefour with shrinidhi. 13th began with packing my bags only to be packed again. Went to Panthip Plaza frist, had a look around and went to Holiday Inn, SILOM for lunh hosted by one of sudha's contacts. Very good Buffet with surprise menu like channa, Dal makhani and plain rice. After that went to Panthip again as it was raining. After Panthip went to Pratunam area near by. 13th Night at 9PM came to BKK to board the flight to Narita. Sudha went and changed our return transit stay inside the airport itself. Flight TG642 was very tiring and the service was very poor. We landed 1hr behind schedule and the immigration got over in 30mins.
Mr.Hyodo was waiting to receive us. He had come with the car to take us directly to the Aizuwakamatzu Hotsprings. On the way we had a short Motel stop for convenience. One thing must be said about the japanese cleanliness and care for even the minute details. The road we took was a Bye-pass toll. Very well laid with all the signs, not only written but picture signs. Toll gates just close as come near and the laser eye sees the car number and registers it. If it finds the toll already paid, it opens. Orelse it remains. All this in 5 secs. After a Picturesque travel, came to Aizuwakamatzu town. Had Lunch in a small resaurant. Went straight to Ashonomaki Inn, a Tatami Inn. Oh!! I forgot. The Temp in Tokyo when we landed was 18. C and as came north it was 14.C. Sudhakar and Hyodo went to the Hotsprings inside the Hotel itself. I didnt go as it was open and not allowed with any clothes. So had a very very late wash and had super dinner. Ennoda mudhugu than sitha valikaradhu, ellorukum kuninju `arigato gozaimaz` solli solli. Today morning after breakfast came here to Tajima. Sudha having a meeting with Shoei people and I am writing this as Kutty is playing with coloring.
Will write to you after .
Bye bye

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