Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rang De Basanti

Yesterday I saw this movie and was thrilled to write about it here. Aamir for his part has successfully come up with a Hat-trick of films which is based on the British Raj. I have a few questions too..........
1. What is that the director wants to convey?? 2. What is the connection between the Title and the Story? 3. How does the director think the present generation have anything common with the past???
There are many looseends in this film. But for those who counts the box-office collection, these are immaterial.
I could not fully absorb Sidharth's(Karan) character in the film. Same with Kunal Kapoor's(Aslam). Sriram Have you seen the film?? If so Please try to enlighten me. We Indians like anything that is entertaining. In that context , YES it is a wholesome Entertainer. Nothing More. Got to go guys. Dhoni is about to get his century in his own Hometown.


Sridevi said...

RDB is a great film. Siddarth's character portray his loyalty for his friend and his just behaviour. As far as others in the movie, i thought everyone did a great job even Madhavan. RDB tries to enlighten about what's really happening inside the IAF tragedy and how some friends try to enlighten and end up in their endeavour

Sriram Ganesan said...

That seems to be an opinion (Sridevi's) which i am not able to comprehend. Anyway i am yet to watch the movie and may do so after some time (i. e. till i get my hands on the DVD).

I just completed seeing "Gajini" and found that to be a good one. not a great movie but a good one (I know that Srijanya is going to be angry when she is able to read this). and surprise surpise there was BLACK screened on the DD.

Good Luch with your Japan Trip vidhya. Have a great time and geep us posted with your blogs.