Thursday, April 06, 2006

Queen's language

I am an undergrad in English Literature. But I find the present English books for classes 11th and 12th contains not a single work by the English writers(UK). Instead the lessons contain the works of American English authors. I bet that is why the language has taken a beating and the stress on grammar has gone down. All these revelations are after me trying to teach my 12th class son something what I have learnt in college. We wrote a paper in our 3rd year last sem called "english for communication". Now looking at an exam paper for 11th class I was astounded to see the exact replica of that, but with a newer subject. No wonder my son has been scoring low marks in English all through. I stood first in the final sem exam in our college and the score was 65%. Hey I am not joking. That was the maximum mark we could score in those days. So here I am reading my son's 12th English text book, so that I equip myself before attempting to teach my son.

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