Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tokyo & Disney Land

Hello,It's been a long time since I Blogged. Last time It was from Tajima. Now I am Back to square One. I have returned to Chennai. Following is a day-by-day happenings of my visit.We started driving south to TOKYO in the afternoon. As we were all very tired, except Hyodo San, we were all asleep within 30 mins. When I woke up Hyodo San was still driving with the help of the radio switched on to a typical japanese rock. Soon we were in Sano Town. This is the Birth Place of Hyodo San. We stopped for Ko-hi( coffee) and rest rooms. I saw several young japanese men driving huge bikes and travelling in groups. They also came with us to this stop. I think it is craze in this country to own and tour in this huge machines and they virtually live on them. Though Japan has quite a few Bike makers, these people has a fancy for imported one's. We continued our journey and were in Tokyo at half past six. After seeing the Capital Lit very brightly with the lights and having a glimpse of the millennium wheel changing the lights as it revolves, we went to the Akasaka Area for dinner at Taj Indian restaurant. The dinner was good in this joint. Akasaka, I was told that is a very expensive area, where almost all the world's leading Banks have offices with some Govt. offices. The japanese Men wear only Black suites to work. The Women dark Blue suites. But nowadays things are chaging and people started to wear light colors as well. After Dinner and a stroll fro the car park, which we had parkedsome 200 mtrs away we headed for Shinagawa Price Hotel. Hyodo San had this GPS device in his car. This shows you the exact way to your destination as well the time it will take you. It also shows where there is a traffic jam on your way. Shinagawa is the area which is not so close to Tokyo centre, and not so so far from it. The Hotel I must tell you, is a city in its own. Far from what we call in India a five star hotel. As we were very tired from the journey we went to bed soon.
In the Land of Raising Sun, you get Daylight pretty early, at 4.30Am itself. So even if you want to sleep for some more time, you cannot. Got up at 6AM, after ko-hi, kutty an myself got ready to leave for Tokyo Disney Land. Hyodo San stayed with us in he hotel and told us that he would drop us in the park, before going to his office. The Tokyo Disney resort and Land is in the Maihama area, near the Tokyo Bay. We entered the park at around 9.30. Hyodo San left his car in the parking lot itself and took the train for his office, before telling us that he would be waiting in the same lot around 6.15PM. I had not seen a Disney land before, so it was breathtaking. Kutty was awed by the stores their and intantly asked me to get her a themed balloon. Promising her to get that when we return we headed straight to Adventure Land. We went toPirates of the Carribean, Jungle Cruise,The enchanted Tiki room and Minnie oh Minnie. By this time the rains had come and we were retricted to move within the closed quarters only.Kutty didnt find the Westernland exiting, so we went to Critter country instead. In that after standing in queue for almost 45mins we enjoyed the splash mountain. It was so exiting and thrilling. But I feel the height was not too much comparing our very own Kishkinta, Chennai's White water ride. Any how after that we went to the Fantasy Land. In this we went to almost every ride and stall like, Peter Pan flight, Snow white adventure, Dumbo the flying elephant,Pinnochio's daring journey,the mickey mouse revue,Alice's Tea Party, Castle carousel,Pooh's hunny hunt and the BEST OF ALL, It's a Small world. It was 4PM then and we had only 2 hrs left. So we headed to the last 2 parks. In ToonTown we went to Minnie house, Mickey house and met Mickey, goofy's bounce house and chip and dale's treehouse. The rain did not stop. It was just drizzling heavily all this time. No real heavy rain. But it was cold outside. In our next park, Tomorrowland, we could not get into any of the attractions as everyone had take a shelter from the rain. The least crowded was Grand Circuit raceway. So we went to that. Afterthis it was time for some snacks and shopping. As I had told you before Japanese are very very cynical about the safety and covenience. Example. No.1. When you go and stand in a queue for a ride, a japanese girl would come to you and tell you the safety aspects you would have to follow when you are on the ride. If she finds you that you do know Japanese, she would quickly go and bring you a safety booklet oneside written in chinese and the other in English. If you are with a child of allowed height, you get a priority to board the first cabin of the ride.The child may even get an occassional gift from the staff. Example No.2. Though it sounds crazy, I have to tell this. As it is DisneyLand, where lots of children come everyday, the restrooms are designed so for the convenience of the mothers as well the children. There are vending machines for nappies of all sizes, sanitary napkins of all sizes. There are places separately for you to just to lay down the baby for diaper change. I saw a small chair like holder to place the small babies you are carrying and a belt to hold the baby.when you use the toilet inside the room itself. These things are thought about many times and executed in perfect manner. Japanese only can think like this.
Mr. Hyodo took us back to the Hotel. After wishing us Sayounara, he went back home. The next day He was about to leave for Tajima again.

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Regarding prepaid Toll, Restrooms, Child safety it's the same everywhere around the world of course except India. I found that in Orlando Disney's Magic Kingdon too.

Anyway, great to read this blog. I hope you all enjoyed your vacation