Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tokyo Day 4

Day 4 - is Tokyo City Tour for us. Hyodo San, when dropping us on the night before in the Hotel, gave me 2 sheets of paper, the official booking for the next 2 day tours and took leave of us. The paper asked us to be in the Main Building Lobby of Hotel Shinagawa Prince at 8.05AM. The weather was aweful with continuous drizzles. I Could see quite a number of Western Tourists assembled there with me. The first HATO Bus took off from the Hotel. They took us to the Hamamatsucho Terminal. Their we will have to pay for the Tour of our choice and go to the departure gate and Board our Bus. I was delighted to see an Indian Tourist. He is a US immigrant of Bengali origin. The guide for us that day happened to be Miss. Yuki. A very smart English speaking lady with a good humour sense. She talked in plenty about the People of Japan, The city, education, the religion,the Royal kingdom and the likes. First visit was to the Shinto Shrine. Then a drive thru different parts of the city like the senate building. From their to the Palace Gradens. Then to the Asakusa Temple. I didnt go inside the temple as I took interest in the small shops on the sides leading to the temple. Kutti and Myself shopped for some fridge magenst, umbrellas and small stuffs in a 100 Yen shop.From Asakusa, a drive through the Ginza Area of Tokyo. A Very Very Busy shopping area with tall buildings lined up on the two sides. An interesting fact about this area is, This is the Most Expensive Area in whole world in terms of space. A 12" x 12" land price costs somewhere between 2 crores to 2.5 crores in Indian rupees. Heaving a huge sigh, we went directly to the Tokyo Bay area for Lunch. Lunch is free in this tour. So the guide had asked us before about the choice of food. They have 3 vareities. Fish, Beef and vegetarian. I opted for vegetarian one without eggs. This is a restaurant on the 12th floor with a good view of the Bay and the Hamarikyu gardens. The lunch was set menu - White wine, Dinner rolls, salad, Broccoli soup, white rice, a curry sauce, vegetables, cheese, cake slice, coffee and Ice-cream. After lunch we drove thru' the Rainbow bridge of Tokyo to the Tokyo Cruise. This Rainbow bridge is a Cantilever bridge connecting the Bay area with the city. The Government had announce to the people of Tokyo to name this bridge. The popular suggestion was "Rainbow".
The cruise by 'Symphony' , a modern well stacked ship, went through the bridge and to the nearby Tokyo Port area and after 40 mins dropped us. We returned to the Bus and went to ODAIBA. This is a new area of Tokyo which was reclaimed from sea. There are Hotels and shopping arcades here. Here we shopped for some small things and returned the Bus. That was our Tokyo Tour and we returned Hotel pretty early. Sudhakar was waiting to take us for a dinner at the nearby Devi restaurant. We had a good Indian Dinner and returned back.

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