Monday, August 07, 2006

Nama Sankeerthanam

For the past 2-3 days I was literally drenched in the naama sankeerthanam rendered by Sri Vittaldas JayaKrishna Deekshithar, at Kamaraj Memorial Hall, Chennai. He is rendering Maha Baktha Vijayam now. The Hall is packed beyond its capacity. I was surprised to see this. That too in the age of Discos and mushrooming restaurants and eatouts in Chennai. He could attaract a massive crowd and is able to make them sing and dance with him whenever he sings a namavali. I am an ardent listener of Sri Haridas Giri's Nama Sankeerthanam and was not intrested in JKD's (as we mention him) music. I felt that Guruji had a voice that captivates everyone and a deeper knowledge. Afterall who can forget his "siyapati ramachandra ki" or his rendition of Ashtapathis, where he narrates the full story of that particular ashtapathi.
I have seen him conducting the margazhi Bhajans at Narada gana sabha in the mornings. Even in the chill weather of December, you can see people assembled in the hall and after sometime singing in chorus the bhajans with Guruji. But that is the past. All this disappeared when Namaji took over and I see only 20-30 Bhakthas in the morning at Narada Gana Sabha in December. No doubt I was surprised to see the crowd last 2-3 days in Kamaraj hall, which can seat around 3000 people. So Bakthi movement in Tamilnadu has not died down. It is being renewed by the likes of JKD here. This time he is with a cause here.He has taken up the construction of Sri Panduranga temple in Govindapuram, which would have a 132 feet high gopuram, even taller than the one is pandarpur. Hinduism is on the decline in India and every Hindu has the moral responsibility towards their religion and should strive to protect our Hindu Dharma and leave a Healthy Hindu World for our children.

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